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"A Caring Shelter for the Homeless since 1983"

Get Involved

Your donations of merchandise are a major part of Christian Help Center’s ability to sustain itself.  When donations come in, they are inspected and designated as to how they will be used and/or stored.  The priority is to provide for our guests’ material NEEDS during the time they are with us. (They are not allowed to accumulate clothing, shoes, etc., as space is very limited in the dorms.)

Due to the wonderful support of the community there is always a surplus of goods...and limited space for us to hold them.  Therefore, as we have in the past, we sold these items to generate cash for our operational costs.  The establishment of Christian Help Center’s Born Again Boutique ‘n More was the next option of attaining funding. During these difficult economic times, turning the goods into cash is an efficient way to continue our services.

Also, because we are able to provide merchandise at a very affordable price, everyone in the community benefits!  We hope that you will continue to know that your donation has truly met the needs of the less fortunate in our city.

CHC welcomes donations of time, money, enthusiasm and creativity.  Here are a few suggestions for what you can do:


Through volunteering at CHC, you can make a significant difference in the lives of men, women, and families with children who are homeless and have nowhere else to turn.

CHC offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for both individuals and volunteer groups, such as:

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